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Some of my images have been published in various news media, magazines, books and on astronomy websites.
I have also been interviewed on TV and radio.

Below is a list of published images, with newest first:
Total Lunar Eclipse 4-5th April 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse 4-5th April 2015

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), 8th April 2015
Universe Today, 8th April 2015

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5792 with Distant Background Quasars (annotated)

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5792 with Distant Background Quasars

Universe Today, 24th February 2015

Antennae Galaxies collaboration: Ultra-Deep High Resolution View

Antennae Galaxies collaboration: Ultra-Deep High Resolution View

The Deepest and Highest Resolution View of the Entire Antennae Galaxies

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), 12th February 2015

IC 4603 - The Turbulent Heart of the Scorpion

The Turbulent Heart of the Scorpion

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), 23rd July 2014
NZEDGE, 8th July 2014
The Guardian, 2nd July 2014

The Magnificent Neptunian System

Voyager 2 Data Revisited

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), 14th May 2014
Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy, 15th May 2014
Ciel et Espace, 14th May 2014 (FRA)
From Quarks to Quasars, 18th May 2014
IceInSpace Image of the Week, 13th May 2014

Astro Pro-Am: Professional and Amateur Astronomers Join Forces

Collaboration with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory Center

NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory Center, April 2014
NASA Spitzer Space Telescope, April 2014
Sky & Telescope, 25th April 2014, 6th May 2014

Cometary Globules CG 30, CG 31 and CG 38 in Puppis

Australian Sky & Telescope, May/June 2014 issue

A Rare Pink Star - Nova Centauri 2013

Universe Today, 27th December 2013
Australian Sky & Telescope, Aptil 2014 issue

Messier 78 in Orion

Australian Sky & Telescope, November 2013 issue

The Olsen-Sidonio Centaurus A Extreme Deep Field

New Zealand Astronomical Yearbook 2014, ISSN 1171-1108

NGC 1365 and Supernova SN2012fr

Universe Today, 13th November 2012
Australian Sky & Telescope, February/March 2013

The Sombrero Galaxy and a Swarm of Globular Clusters

Universe Today, 12th June 2012

The Circumstellar Disc around Beta Pictoris

Scientific category winner, 2012 Harry Williams Astrophotography Competition
Astronomy Photographer of the Year, Collection 1, Harper Collins, ISBN 978-0-00-748280-1
Sky & Telescope, August 2013 Issue
Australian Sky & Telescope, April/May 2013 Issue

This image received worldwide attention in Nov/Dec 2011, being the first amateur image of such a dust disc around another star. Below are some examples:

Discover Magazine (USA), Phil Plait: Amateur astronomer glimpses an alien solar system (USA), 29th Nov 2011: Stunning Photo of New Solar System Captured by Amateur Astronomer

The Daily Mail (United Kingdom), 27th Nov 2011: The sky is no longer the limit: Astronomer captures first amateur image of another solar system from his back yard

Universe Today (USA), 25th Nov 2011: First Amateur Image of Another Solar System

New Zealand Herald, 28th Nov 2011: NZer captures first photos of another solar system

3 News (New Zealand), 28th Nov 2011:

Radio New Zeealand National: Live interview 28th Nov 2011

TVNZ (New Zealand), 28th Nov 2011: Kiwi captures first amateur image of another solar system

Slashdot 26th Nov 2011: 'Amateur' Astronomer Snaps Pic of Planet-Forming Disk

NBC News (USA), 29th Nov 2011: Amateur takes stunning photo of new solar system

The Register (United Kingdom), 29th Nov 2011: Backyard astronomer snaps Beta Pictoris dust disk

Fox News (USA), 29th Nov 2011: Amateur Astronomer Snaps Historic Photo of Another Solar System

Yahoo 7 News (Australia), 28th Nov 2011: Amateur Captures New Solar System in Stunning Pictures

Coelum (Italy), Dec 2011: Il disco protoplanetario di Beta Pictoris ripreso da un amatore

Ingeniøren (Denmark) 3rd Dec 2011: Amatørastronom tager fantastisk billede af fjern stjerne

Espectador (Uruguay), 28th Nov 2011: Amateur consigue la primer imagen de otro sistema solar

Zee News (India), 27th Nov 2011: First amateur image of another solar system captured

The West Australian, 28th Nov 2011: Amateur captures new solar system in stunning pictures

The Nation (Pakistan), 28th Nov 2011: First amateur image of another solar system?

Deccan Herald (India), 27th Nov 2011: First image of another solar system captured

Ciel et Espace (France): Un amateur photographie un système planétaire

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